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Skills available for Singapore primary 2 maths curriculum

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P2.NA Number and Algebra

P2.G Measurement and Geometry

P2.S Statistics

  • P2.S.1 Data Representation and Interpretation

    • P2.S.1.1 Picture Graphs with Scales

      • P2.S.1.1.1 reading and interpreting data from picture graphs with scales

      • P2.S.1.1.2 solving 1-step problems using data from picture graphs

      • P2.S.1.1.a work in groups to write a question and answer it by collecting data from more than one class, or use data from the internet to make a picture graph and explain why a scale is used instead of one-to-one representation.

      • P2.S.1.1.b represent and interpret picture graphs in both vertical and horizontal forms, and make a story using information from a graph.