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Why can’t I find my students’ practice in Analytics?

With IXL Analytics, IXL tracks and reports on every single question your students answer on IXL, as long as they are signed in. This means you are always in the loop on your students’ progress and have access to up-to-the-minute insights about their practice. When you are looking at your teacher Analytics reports, take note of the different filters you can use to manage information, like date range, year level and student name, and select the filters that best fit your needs. 

If you aren’t seeing your students’ work reflected in Analytics, it is likely they aren’t signed in when using IXL. Emphasise the importance of signing in to your students, especially so their achievements are noted! For a quick way to check if they are signed in, students can look for their name or profile icon in the upper-right corner. Our Why am I reaching a 10-question limit? article might also be helpful to share!

Students can also take advantage of their Analytics to make sure their work is reflected accurately. With just a click on their Analytics tab, students can immediately view their own Usage details report to see their IXL efforts for themselves! In the report, which is similar to your Student details report, students can scroll down to Sessions and skills to view all of their recent practice, along with a date and time stamp. If students don’t see their recent practice there, they should double-check that they are signed in the next time they begin working on IXL. Since the same data is reflected in your teacher Analytics, they can take ownership and ensure you see what they’ve accomplished.