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How do I connect my existing IXL trial classroom account to my school’s subscription?

If your school has purchased an IXL licence, you can bring over your students’ data from your IXL trial account so that they can continue learning with their progress intact. 

Look for an email titled “IXL Instructions: You’re invited to join…” from your administrator. Click the invitation link and follow the instructions to activate your new teacher account. (If you did not receive this email, contact your administrator.) 

You’ll then be asked to activate accounts for your students to preserve their data. IXL will automatically transfer over students from your trial roster by matching their names, and you can add the remaining students manually. If you missed activating any students, you can always navigate to your roster and click on “Activate” at the bottom of the page. To activate their accounts, simply fill out their year and student ID. Remember to redistribute usernames and passwords to your students, as they may have changed to align with the rest of your school's roster.