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What Analytics reports are available for administrators?

As an administrator, you have access to powerful school-level reports that keep a pulse on school achievement, teacher engagement and overall progress and growth. These always up-to-date reports help facilitate IXL implementation and offer insights to elevate IXL’s effectiveness. From Analytics, when signed in to your administrator account, just click on a report tab! (If you don’t see the Analytics section, check in with your primary administrator for access.)

The School Achievement report offers a school snapshot with a focus on our research-based success strategies. Quickly get a picture of your school’s progress, with details such as weekly IXL usage, skills mastered and teacher and student engagement, and use this valuable report to set and track goals that are proven to maximise achievement.

The Teacher Engagement report provides information on where all teachers are at in the process of implementing IXL, from set up to active use, and suggests resources to help them to the next step. With this knowledge, you have just the right tools to encourage each teacher on your account to take advantage of the full benefits of IXL and accelerate student learning.

The Progress and Growth report follows your students’ development throughout the year. You can learn the total number of questions answered and see how many skills have been mastered. By keeping up to date on skill progress, as well as overall growth, you can easily evaluate and improve IXL’s impact to make sure your school stays on track to meet its growth goals.

In addition to the School Analytics reports, you can view an individual teacher’s reports to support instructional practices and decision making! Just click the Teacher Analytics tab, and select a teacher from the drop-down menu.