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How can I find a skill to work on?

The first step is to sign in!

Once you are signed in, click on Learning to start exploring the thousands of skills on IXL. Here are a few suggestions for places to dive in:

  • From the Maths or English language tab, you can start by trying some skills in your year level. Hold your mouse over a skill name to view sample questions.
  • To access the educational achievement objectives for your country, go to the National curriculum tab. Select a subject and year level, and click on an objectives-aligned skill to start practising.
  • If you are practising maths or English language, the Awards tab is another fun place to find challenges and discover new skills. While working toward uncovering and collecting prizes, you can encounter all types of skills you might not have otherwise stumbled on.

Are you looking for a specific skill or topic? You can use the search bar at the top of every page! Search for skills like “place value names” or “use action verbs” and topics like “decimals” or “vocabulary”.