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How can I find an IXL Analytics report that best suits my needs?

Teachers, head on over to Analytics to access a wealth of reports, designed to provide actionable insights for your classroom. From your Dashboard, you can instantly see real-time data about your students’ usage, such as the number of skills practised and how many questions they have answered. To delve deeper into your students’ data and experience the full power of IXL Analytics, select a report from the navigation bar. Each individual report can also be further customised to your specific needs by using the options at the top of the report page.

Learn more about what IXL Analytics can do for you:

Trouble spots

Figure out exactly what is causing stumbling blocks for your students by focusing on trouble spots! From the Trouble Spots report, you can learn the best ways to help groups of students working at the same level, and through the Student Trouble Spots report, you can discover the exact item type each student needs the most help with. Knowing your students’ precise needs gives you the power to provide the most effective support possible!


Learn insightful details about your class as whole or about each individual student! The Students Quickview report is an overview of class practice trends and student highlights, while the Student Details report focuses on a student’s recent sessions, skills and practice behaviours.


Find out what skills your students have been practising with the skills reports! The Skill Practised report offers a list of all the skills your class has been working on, with a quick analysis for each skill. If you’d like to learn more about a specific skill, the Skill Analysis report tracks class progress on the path to mastering a skill. The report is also a helpful resource for small-group or peer instruction because it groups students by the difficulty level they’ve reached within that skill.


To view your students’ SmartScores all in one place, the scores reports can help! The Score Grid provides an easy way to see all of your students’ scores in all skills. If you want to focus on your students’ scores in a skill you assigned, check out the Skill Score Chart. To chart an individual student’s progress through all skills, select the Student Score Chart.


Step into your student’s shoes! Use the Questions Log to view every question a student encountered in a skill. Examining the questions received and your student’s responses can help you discover patterns and reveal exactly what a student is struggling with.


View the strides your students have made and where they still have room to grow! The Progress and Growth and Student Progress reports provide a full picture of students’ progress over the course of the year.


See what every single student is working on with just one glance! With Live Classroom, you can track class activity as it happens and receive instant updates about your students’ practice, including who may be stuck in that very moment.

If you are a student or parent, there are reports available for you too! Click on Analytics to easily access usage details, trouble spots, question logs and progress reports.